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First-Time-Pass Success Requires Both
Mortgage Broker Education and
Loan Officer Training

Police Officer Mortgage - "CHAFA" Mortgage Loan
The Police Officer Mortgage Program currently provides a low fixed rate 30 year mortgage, and down payment assistance to local or state police officers who are .

Why do we insist you need both "education' and "training?"

Officer Next Door Program - FHA loans
Officer Next Door program uses FHA loan as real estate mortgage loan to buy . family homes to public police officers with the following significant benefits: .

Mortgages for Law Enforcement | Special Police Officer Mortgage ...
Specialty rates and mortgages for police officers and law enforcement . To see if you qualify, request more info with the form below and a loan officer will be in .

Police Officers & Civil Servants - Homerica Mortgage Corporation
Homerica Mortgage Corporation offers loans for police officers and civil servants. Our loan officers are retired police officers from the NYPD.

Zero4Heroes "Free Home Loans For Police Officers and Fire fighters ...
Sep 10, 2009 . http://911hero.com Colin F. Watson discusses the launch of the New Zero4Heroes mortgage program being launched on September 11th in .

Mortgage Loans for Teachers: Are They Different?
Mortgage loans for teachers are the same mortgage loans available for police officers, firefighters, municipal workers, office workers and people in any other .

CHFA - Police Homeownership Program
An officer who receives a DAP loan . the mortgage exceeds FHA loan .

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program
Appraiser Selection by Lender · HUD Handbooks, Forms and Publications . Law enforcement officers, pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and . HUD requires that you sign a second mortgage and note for the discount amount.

mortgage loan prepayment penalties.

An important message from Paul Donohue,

Mortgages For Police officers Florida Mortgages For Police officers
Mortgage loans for police officers in Florida. . Halpern & Associates offers the widest array of Mortgages For Police officers available in the industry today.

"Paul's Point," an important email notification service bringing you links to critical breaking news and providing

Mortgage Fraud Blog - Former Police Officer Admits False Statement ...
Feb 21, 2011 . Mortgage and Fraud and the Law, Oh My! Home · Perp Walk . Former Police Officer Admits False Statement in Loan Application. Monday .

Police Officer Next Door FHA / HUD 50% discount home purchases
Officer next door where a police officer can buy a property for 50% off. . FHA Home Loan Information . Get the answers to all your 'bottom line' questions on our Mortgage Calculators Page. Website Awards · Business Links · Link Exchange .

79(R) HB 1007 - Enrolled version - Bill Text
(3) "Mortgage lender" has the meaning assigned by Section 2306.004. (4) " Peace officer" ["Police officer"] has the meaning assigned by Section 1.07(a)(36), .

Former Kentucky Police Officer Indicted on Mortgage Fraud ... - Loans
Sep 7, 2010 . (LoanSafe.org) A former Kentucky police officer pleaded not guilty today to mortgage fraud charges in an alleged $2 million plus real estate .

Florida No Money Down Home Mortgage Loans
No Money Down Home Mortgage Loans in Florida-Find The Best Rates On The . federal programs permit police officers to purchase homes in selected areas .